Welcome to Thin Air Goods

Hi – I am Julia Tait Dickenson and I am using this site to let my friends and customers know what is new at Thin Air Studio – home to Thin Air Goods.

For purchases or questions, message me directly though Instagram: @thinairgoods


Back in Santa Fe!

Thin Air Studio was started in Santa Fe, NM in 1992 and moved to Vermont in 1995…25 years later, I’m back on Canyon Rd in Santa Fe! My current studio is in the Zaguan building home of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation. I am one the resident artists in this 160 year old building and it’s an inspiring place to work (and please visit!). During the past 30 years, my studio space has evolved to reflect my various creative passions – jewelry, ceramics, sewing, embroidery, printing, and now, brooms and brushes. I am inspired and motivated by everyday use – creating soulful goods meant to be used.  I have always wanted to learn how to make brooms (odd, but true) and in 2021, I finally enrolled in a zoom workshop. Learning the basics provided me with the tools, skills and confidence to experiment with everything I can think of to make a broom or brush. I’ve been obsessed for the past year, and I’m still making. Thin Air Goods allows me to keep flexible and adding to my constant flow of “goods”.

You can view and purchase (message me anytime) my latest goods on Instagram @thinairgoods or click “Shop Instagram” in the menu above. Please call, message or email me directly with any questions or special orders.

Thanks for finding me,